S2 EP 15 – Pizza & Health Emergencies with Newborns


Pizza & Health Emergencies with Newborns – Josh Huber relates a recent emergency room visit he had with his newborn, while he, Tom Riles and David Guest also discuss the best places for pizza in the United States.

S2 Ep 14 – Facial Hair & Summertime

Growing Beards & How to Keep Your Kids Active during the COVID Summer – Tom Riles, David Guest and Josh Huber discuss the twists and turns of growing facial hair and how to keep your kids (and yourself) from going crazy during the pandemic summer.

S2 Ep 10 – Teaching Consequences With Kids & Sports Uniforms

On Life of Dad, the dads discuss heavy and light topics at the same time.

This week, the Dads are discussing the showing kids consequences from their actions and then they talk about sports uniforms.