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#371 – Felipe Alou

Felipe Alou is this week’s guest on The Life of Dad Show. MLB great Felipe Alou talks with The Life of Dad Show hosts, Art Eddy and Jon Finkel about the ups and downs of fatherhood, losing a son, and the relationships he forged while playing in the MLB. Felipe talks about his introduction into baseball and how he and his brothers bonded over the game.

Alou talks about his new book, Alou: My Baseball Journey he wrote with Peter Kerasotis, his thoughts on Pedro Martinez and his favorite moments playing in the MLB.

#360 – John C McGinley

John C. McGinley is this week’s guest for The Life of Dad Show. Actor, Producer and Dad, John C. McGinley chats with The Life of Dad Show host, Art Eddy about Season 3 of Stan Against Evil, what he loves about his character, Stan and how he loves going to comic-cons to chat with fans of the show.

John then talks with Art about the joys of fatherhood and how working on Scrubs helped him balance work and family. Max, his 21-year-old son has Down syndrome, John C. talks to Art about how he is committed to building awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome.  He currently serves as an Ambassador for Special Olympics and is a board member of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. 

#320 – Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Hardaway & Kenny Smith

Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Hardaway and Kenny Smith are this week’s guests for The Life of Dad Show Remix. This episode of The Life of Dad Show Remix takes a look at three dads that have excelled in the NBA. We talk with Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Hardaway and Kenny Smith.  These interviews were from previous episodes of The Life of Dad Show and highlights their conversations on fatherhood. Leave a review on iTunes or wherever you download the podcast for a chance to win a Life of Dad prize pack!