Monthly Archives: July 2020

S2 Ep 17 – Tacos & Back to School


Tom Riles and Josh Huber bring on an expert to talk about back-to-school (or back-to-homeschool) in 2020, as they chat with Dr. Michael Rich from Boston Children’s Hospital, and founder of The Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH).
The dads discuss the struggles parents, students, and teachers are facing as we head back to school, and then they lighten it up while giving their opinions on tacos.
We’re gracious to Dr. Michael Rich for joining, and appreciate CMCH’s mission which is to guide consumers, especially parents, through the adversarial digital world leveraging their unbiased science-based, public health approach.

S2 EP 15 – Pizza & Health Emergencies with Newborns


Pizza & Health Emergencies with Newborns – Josh Huber relates a recent emergency room visit he had with his newborn, while he, Tom Riles and David Guest also discuss the best places for pizza in the United States.