Life of Dad Show – Dr. Heather

Dr. Heather Wittenberg is this week’s guest on The Life of Dad Show. Dr. Heather Wittenberg talks with The Life of Dad Show hosts, Art Eddy and Jon Finkel about the do’s and dont’s of potty training and bedwetting. Dr. Heather provides great potty training and bedwetting tips especially for those families traveling for the holidays.

Dr. Heather Wittenberg is a licensed child psychologist with 20+ years of experience, specializing in the development of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. She is the author of Let’s Get This Potty Started! The BabyShrink’s Guide to Potty Training Your Toddler, and founder of BabyShrink LLC and, a parenting advice website.

She lives in Hawaii with her husband and four children.

Follow Dr. Heather Wittenberg on Twitter at @BabyShrink and go to her website

We here at Life of Dad want to thank Dr. Heather for her participation and Pull-Ups and GoodNites for sponsoring the podcast. 

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