#263 – Michael Bennett

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 263 - Michael Bennett

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about how they keep their kids active. They are inspired by this week’s guest, Michael Bennett. Michael and his family started up The Bennett Foundation to raise awareness on getting kids active every day.

Michael grew up in a lower income area and witnessed family and friends struggle with obesity and staying healthy. When he entered the NFL, rigorous performance training taught him the importance of eating nutritiously and how vital it is not only to maintaining fitness, but overall well-being.

The year after he established his first free football camp, Michael attended a round table meeting in Hawaii’s capital. The camp had shown him that there was a need for nutrition education in Hawaii, and he wanted to figure out what could be done. Some people talked about five-year plans, but Michael couldn’t wait that long. Promising to implement something sooner, he quickly organized three cooking demonstrations, a football camp, and the very first OCEAN Health Fest in three months with the help of The Bennett Foundation team.

Michael and his wife, Pele have three daughters, Peyton, Blake, and Ollie. The kids are always willing to assist Michael and Pele with foundation initiatives, including working on things for the website and brainstorming creative ideas for charity events.

Follow Michael Bennett on Twitter @mosesbread72 and go to his foundation’s website at TheBennettFoundation.org.

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