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#265 – Chris Jericho

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 265 - Chris Jericho

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about what principles they learned when they were making a career for themselves, ones that they will share with their kids. They get inspired by their guest, Chris Jericho, author of three New York Times bestsellers, six-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, lead singer of heavy metal band Fozzy, and host of the Talk Is Jericho podcast.

He lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife and three children.

The guys talk with Chris about his new book, No Is a Four-Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling but Succeeded in Life, fatherhood, and more.

In his book, Chris shares 20 of his most valuable lessons for achieving your goals and living the life you want, jam-packed with fantastic stories and the classic off-the-wall, laugh-out-loud Jericho references he’s famous for, with a foreword by Paul Stanley.

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#264 – Tauren Wells

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 264 - Tauren Wells

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about how they help teach their kids about the ups and downs in life. They get inspired by this week’s guest singer and songwriter, Tauren Wells.

Tauren and Lorna have two sons, Kanaan and Lawson. Balancing work and family might be crazy at times and both Tauren and Lorna both have their hands full, but Tauren feels compelled to do more. His wife champions the idea: “We said this from the beginning: This is a family calling.” Now the family is getting ready to add another son into the mix.

We chat with Tauren about his new album, Hills and Valleys, where he gets inspiration from and fatherhood.

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#263 – Michael Bennett

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 263 - Michael Bennett

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about how they keep their kids active. They are inspired by this week’s guest, Michael Bennett. Michael and his family started up The Bennett Foundation to raise awareness on getting kids active every day.

Michael grew up in a lower income area and witnessed family and friends struggle with obesity and staying healthy. When he entered the NFL, rigorous performance training taught him the importance of eating nutritiously and how vital it is not only to maintaining fitness, but overall well-being.

The year after he established his first free football camp, Michael attended a round table meeting in Hawaii’s capital. The camp had shown him that there was a need for nutrition education in Hawaii, and he wanted to figure out what could be done. Some people talked about five-year plans, but Michael couldn’t wait that long. Promising to implement something sooner, he quickly organized three cooking demonstrations, a football camp, and the very first OCEAN Health Fest in three months with the help of The Bennett Foundation team.

Michael and his wife, Pele have three daughters, Peyton, Blake, and Ollie. The kids are always willing to assist Michael and Pele with foundation initiatives, including working on things for the website and brainstorming creative ideas for charity events.

Follow Michael Bennett on Twitter @mosesbread72 and go to his foundation’s website at

#262 – Tom Kenny

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 262 - Tom Kenny

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about all the fun of back to school clothes shopping, the different happy dances they do when the kids go back to school this month. Then they bring on the one and only Tom Kenny.

Tom Kenny is known for the fantastic voices he gives life to in many of the well-known cartoon and animated series, like SpongeBob SquarePants, Heffer Wolfe in Rocko’s Modern Life, the Ice King in Adventure Time, the Mayor in The Powerpuff Girls, Dog in CatDog, and Spyro from the Spyro the Dragon franchise. His live-action work includes the comedies The Edge and Mr. Show. Now Tom is starring in a new animated series called Niko and the Sword of Light.

Niko and the Sword of Light follows 10-year-old Niko who is the last of his kind in a strange, fantastical world. He must embark on an epic quest to defeat the darkness and bring the light back to his land. Armed with his magic sword, brave Niko journeys to the Cursed Volcano, making new friends and powerful foes along the way, all while uncovering secrets about his mysterious past.

Follow Tom Kenny on Twitter @RealTomKenny, and for more on Niko and the Sword of Light go to Amazon Prime.

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