#255 – Tom Shillue

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 255 - Tom Shillue

Art Eddy brings on guest host Patrick Quinn to talk about what type of parenting style their dads had when they were growing up and whether or not being a strict father is the way to parent. They get inspired by this week’s guest, TV host, author, and comedian, Tom Shillue.

Tom Shillue is a popular host on Fox News Channel. He has appeared in his own Comedy Central Special, on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Last Comic Standing, Comics Unleashed, Broad City, and in the feature film Mystery Team. Shillue has been featured as part of the barbershop quartet on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon along with Justin Timberlake, Kevin Spacey, Steve Carrel, and Sting.

In his new book, Mean Dads for a Better America, Tom takes a nostalgic look back at his childhood and the simple American values that shaped his worldview. Growing up as one of five kids in a devout Irish Catholic family in a small town outside of Boston, Tom believes that the rough-and-tumble, rules-dominated world in which he came of age was a better America — a time and place that made him into the man he is today.

As Tom celebrates the stability of family life and the sanity of days gone by, he encourages us to hold on to our sense of humor and look back at our own lives, as we work towards creating a better future for ourselves and our kids, all while making us laugh.

Follow Tom Shillue on Twitter @tomshillue, Facebook, and TomShillue.com and pick up his book — Mean Dads for a Better America.

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