#250 – Ben Falcone

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 250 - Ben Falcone

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy are inspired by this week’s guest, actor, director, comedian, and author, Ben Falcone, and ask if each of their kids wrote a book about them as dads what the title would be and what their kids would write about them.

For Ben, he penned his thoughts in a book about his father and shares his own stories about being a dad. Being A Dad Is Weird: Lessons in Fatherhood from My Family to Yours is a funny and intimate look at fatherhood that combines stories about his own larger-than-life dad and how his experiences raising two daughters with his wife, Melissa McCarthy, who wrote the Foreword, are shaped by his own childhood.

The book is hilarious, and who would doubt it especially if the book was written by the guy who is the actor and writer/director of the films The Boss and Tammy? We had the great pleasure of chatting with Ben about the book, his relationship with his father and what it means for him to be a dad.

Follow Ben Falcone on Twitter @benfalcone and purchase Being A Dad Is Weird: Lessons in Fatherhood from My Family to Yours wherever books are sold.

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