#243 – Joe Greene

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 243 - Joe Greene

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about the nicknames that were given to them when they were younger. They were inspired by the this week’s guest who also has an awesome nickname, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Mean Joe Greene!

We all know how great of a football player Mean Joe Greene was. His enshrinement to not only the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the College Football Hall of Fame is proof that Greene was an all-time legend in that sport. For fans of Greene, a new book is coming out about the Super Bowl champ that goes beyond football.

Mean Joe Greene: Built By Football, written by Joe Greene and Jon Finkel, is the inside story of how a series of mentors, mindset changes, and maybe some luck helped a young man turn a scholarship offer from a small college in Texas into a selection as an All-American, a first-round draft pick in the NFL, and a life in football that would get him six Super Bowl rings, including two as a coach.

Go to MeanJoeGreene75.com and jonfinkel.com to learn more about Joe and to pick up his book.

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