#240 – Dennis Scott

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 240 - Dennis Scott

Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk about what they were most proud of doing successfully as a first-time dad. They got inspired from this week’s guest, former NBA star, Dennis Scott. Dennis was a pro at swaddling his son.

Dennis Scott was known for his sweet shot during his time in the NBA. Not only did Scott make a name for himself in the NBA, but in college as well. He helped lead Georgia Tech to the NCAA Final Four in 1990 and was named the ACC Player of the Year and the Associated Press National Player of the Year. He was selected fourth overall by the Orlando Magic in the NBA 1990 Draft. He spent the majority of his 10-year NBA career with the Magic, earning All-Rookie Team honors in 1991 and helping the team win the Eastern Conference Championship in 1995.

Now Dennis hosts a show called 3DTV that airs on NBA TV. Dennis even has made guest appearances on several Nickelodeon sitcoms, including My Brother and Me, Clarissa Explains it All, and Gullah, Gullah Island. Scott and his wife Rachael live with their four kids in Atlanta Georgia.

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