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#239 – Aric Almirola

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 239 - Aric Almirola

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about how they try to not spoil their kids by purchasing random toys or gifts. They get inspired from Art’s chat with NASCAR driver, Aric Almirola, who chooses not to buy his kids toys for no good reason. He feels like his kids need to work for the things they get in life.

Aric Almirola‘s journey to racing’s limelight began in 1992, when he began go-kart racing at the age of eight. He quickly collected championships at both the state and local levels, and advanced to national competition in 1998.

Almirola solidified his racing talents in the World Karting Association when he earned the pole for the series’ prestigious Grand National event in Daytona. He finished the year fourth in the national standings.

Aric is married to his wife, Janice, and they have two children, Alex and Abby

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#238 – Alfonso Ribeiro

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 238 - Alfonso Ribeiro

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about whether or not kids should get participation trophies in sports. Their discussion is inspired by this week’s guest, actor, director, host and singer, Alfonso Ribeiro.

Alfonso talks to the guys about his thoughts on participation trophies, fatherhood, and the entertainment business.

Alfonso enjoys non-competitive race car driving, playing competitive golf, and spending time with his wife and three children.

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#237 – Justin Allgaier

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 237 - Justin Allgaier

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy finally catch up on Tom‘s Super Bowl experience, from feeling low and making a horrible dinner to witnessing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Towards the end, the conversation gets a bit heated, but thankfully it happens after the guys bring on NASCAR driver, Justin Allgaier.

Coming off an impressive first season at JR Motorsports in 2016, Justin Allgaier is looking to pick up where he left off, competing for the NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) championship. The driver of the No. 7 Chevrolet Camaro tied his previous career best effort of third in the NXS point standings last season, accumulating 13 top-five and 27 top-10 finishes along the way.

Away from the track, Allgaier enjoys dirt racing, graphic design, RC cars, hunting and spending time with his wife Ashley and their daughter Harper Grace.

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#236 – Andrew McMahon

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 236 - Andrew McMahon

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about the songs that they sing and dance to with their kids, and then they bring on singer and songwriter, Andrew McMahon.

As parents we all have done it. We are singing to our children as we are holding them. Whether it is lullabies or silly songs we as parents feel that music is a great way to communicate to our children. Have you ever written a song about your child? Well, Andrew McMahon wrote one for his daughter while his wife was pregnant with their child. I am guessing most of you have heard it. The song is called Cecilia and the Satellite. It is a beautiful song and as a father the song really spoke to me the first time I heard it. Andrew put his words about being a father into that song and made it a worldwide hit.

Now Andrew is getting ready to release his new album Zombies On Broadway that comes out on February 10th. His new single, Fire Escape, is another hit! He is getting ready to go on tour.

Andrew was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat about the new album, fatherhood, and his inspiration for the song he wrote for his daughter.

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