#234 – Kofi Kingston

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 234 - Kofi Kingston

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about things they might change in their parenting style in hopes of becoming a better parent. Then they bring on WWE Superstar, Kofi Kingston.

For those who watch Kofi Kingston in action for the WWE they know that his energy could power a major city for several years. The Ghanaian grappler with a beaming smile, Kingston’s boundless enthusiasm is rivaled only by his limitless athleticism, which he displays fearlessly every time he steps in the ring. Most of the people who don’t like Kofi Kingston are the Superstars he faces each week — and that’s only because they can rarely catch him. His dazzling aerials only belie what is truly a fierce fighter, who can curtail the smiles to kick it up in intensity if an opponent is foolish enough to set him off.

The guys sit down with Kofi to talk about the film, fatherhood and how he can’t wait to watch the Scooby-Doo film with his oldest son.

Follow Kofi Kingston on Twitter @TrueKofi and make sure you pick up Scooby Doo! & WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon on Blu-ray & DVD.

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