#223 – Marc Roberge

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 223 - Marc Roberge

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about their favorite concert moments and then bring on Marc Roberge, who is the lead singer from O.A.R. Marc Roberge and the rest of his bandmates have been together for twenty years now. They document that journey in their latest album called XX. One of their songs from that album called I Go Through focuses on family.

The two CD set includes a career-spanning collection of O.A.R.‘s biggest hits and incredible live shows plus new studio material. Disc one features fan favorites such as Heaven, Peace, Shattered, Two Hands Up and more. Disc two spotlights select performances from their extensive live catalog.

Go to OfARevolution.com for tour dates and the latest on the band and follow Marc Roberge on Twitter @marcroberge.

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