#196 – Ron Darling

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 196 - Ron Darling

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy break the internet with some EXCLUSIVE news that they received from this week’s guest.

What happens when Tommy Riles, who has been a Mets fan since he was seven years old, gets to talk to one of the heroes from the 1986 World Series Mets team? You will find out in the interview that Tommy and Art had with former New York Mets pitcher, Ron Darling.

Thanks to the good folks over at St. Martin’s Press, we were able to chat with Ron about his new book, Game 7, 1986 Failure and Triumph in the Biggest Game of My Life, fatherhood, and playing in the big leagues. Ron even shares something very cool with us that is definitely a Life of Dad moment! Recently, Ron and his wife were blessed with a baby boy. You can read all about it in the interview below!

Ron Darling is an Emmy Award-winning baseball analyst for TBS, the MLB Network, SNY, and WPIX-TV, and author of The Complete Game. He was a starting pitcher for the New York Mets from 1983 to 1991 and the first Mets pitcher to be awarded a Gold Glove.

Follow Ron Darling on Twitter @RonDarlingJr and purchase his book from St. Martin’s Press.

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