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#187 – Joe Andruzzi

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 187 - Joe Andruzzi

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about the New England Patriots loss to the Denver Broncos and preview the Super Bowl match up between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. They give a shout out to Darrell Milton from Modern Dad Online for this football stats.

To go with the NFL theme the guys bring on three time Super Bowl Champ, Joe Andruzzi. Many people know that Joe Andruzzi was a very important player for the New England Patriots. He played five seasons with the Patriots. During that time he helped the team win three Super Bowls. Joe also made an impact off the field. In recognition of his contributions, Joe received the Ed Block Courage Award in 2002 and the first Ron Burton Community Service Award in 2003.

In 2007, Joe was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Burkitt’s lymphoma, ending his football career. Joe is now cancer free, but a new passion grew from his own cancer experience: helping other patients and their families. After witnessing first-hand the stress cancer can cause, Joe and Jen created a foundation to help cancer patients and their families meet life’s day-to-day challenges.

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation helps cancer patients in treatment and their families by assisting with rent or mortgage, utilities or other household expenses during what can be the most stressful and challenging time of their lives. It also funds cutting-edge pediatric brain cancer research at Boston Children’s Hospital and provides emotional and social support to patients and families.

We had the great pleasure of talking with Joe about his foundation, playing in the NFL and fatherhood.

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Go to to help Joe, his wife, and their foundation to beat cancer.

#186 – Ford Riley

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 186 - Ford Riley

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about the Disney film, The Lion King, because their guest this week, Ford Riley, is the executive producer of the new animated series, The Lion Guard.

On January 15th, Disney Junior is premiering The Lion Guard, an animated series that continues the epic storytelling of The Lion King and follows Simba and Nala’s second-born cub, Kion, and his diverse group of friends as they unite to protect the Pride Lands.

The Lion Guard is executive produced by Ford Riley, who was approached by Disney Junior to develop a series that would expand on the world of The Lion King. After watching his then-eight-year-old son, Quinn, and his friends play in the park as a make believe superhero team, Ford came up with the concept of a group of heroes with different traits and qualities who share a common mission to protect others, providing the inspiration for Kion and his friends.

Ford Riley developed and serves as executive producer of Disney Junior‘s The Lion Guard. Prior to The Lion Guard, Riley created and served as executive producer on Disney Junior‘s Emmy-nominated animated series Special Agent Oso. His additional credits include Doc McStuffins, Higglytown Heroes, Teamo Supremo, Teacher’s Pet, and Recess. Riley also developed the television series Land Before Time, and wrote for Harmony Gold’s Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, helping to revive the franchise after twenty years.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Riley attended the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he studied playwriting, film and theater. Riley is an active member of Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), a national organization dedicated to providing information, resources and support to families affected by autism. He resides in Glendale, California with his wife, Holly, and their two children.

#185 – Carson Palmer

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 185 - Carson Palmer

Art Eddy and special guest host, Jeff Bogle from Out With The Kids, talk about Jeff‘s interview with Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Carson Palmer. Jeff flew out to Arizona to Carson‘s home to interview on fatherhood, football and much more.

Carson Palmer - #RealStrength

Dove Men+Care sent Jeff to Palmer’s house as part of the #ReaStrength campaign to get an in-depth look on Carson‘s take on what it means to be a father. Jeff and Carson even have a surprise guest stop by during the interview.

Carson Palmer - #RealStrength

Plus, Jeff tells Art what he is doing in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show and what stadium brings Jeff to tears anytime he mentions that venue.

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#184 – Juan Pablo Montoya

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 184 - Juan Pablo Montoya

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy celebrate their first show for 2016 by talking about Art‘s move and his new accent. They also talk about getting their kids back into their daily schedule after vacation and their love or hate of alarm clocks. Then the guys bring on race car driver extraordinaire, Juan Pablo Montoya.

Juan Pablo Montoya is well known for his fantastic resume in the world of racing. He is the only driver to win a CART Series title, the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Daytona, all in his first attempt. He is also a former winner of one of the most prestigious races in the world: the Monaco Grand Prix. Legendary racers Mario Andretti and Dan Gurney are the only other drivers besides Montoya that can boast wins in Formula One (F1), CART/IndyCar and NASCAR. As the 38-year-old Montoya re-acclimates himself back to IndyCar racing in 2014, he has an opportunity to add to his impressive racing resume and to Team Penske’s long legacy of success. Montoya was taught the art of motorsports at an early age by his father, Pablo. He quickly began to show promise as he captured four consecutive Colombian National Carting Championships from 1981-1984.

After several successful seasons in the Colombia Formula Renault series, Montoya moved to Europe to pursue his dream of competing in F1. In 1997 he finished second in the Formula 3000 series and was signed to a contract as a test driver for the Williams F1 team. After capturing the Formula 3000 title in 1998, Montoya made the move to CART for the 1999 season. In a remarkable rookie season, Montoya became the youngest champion in the history of CART at the age of 24. He edged out Dario Franchitti for the title after the two racers posted the same number of championship points but Montoya had the advantage producing seven victories on the year to Franchitti’s three. In addition to the CART title, he was also named series Rookie of the Year.

From his start into racing to now, Juan Pablo Montoya is a fan favorite on any track. After you listen to our interview with him about fatherhood we are guessing that you will respect him even more.

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