#176 – Diedrich Bader

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 176 - Diedrich Bader

Art Eddy tells Tommy Riles about working the New York Jets Buffalo Bills game last week and talk about what happened this past weekend in the NFL. Then the guys bring on actor and father, Diedrich Bader.

Diedrich Bader has played a ton of great roles on TV and film. Whether you are a fan of the film Napoleon Dynamite or Office Space or the TV show The Drew Carey Show you always want more from him. He even does work as a voice actor. One of his voice acting credits is Batman. How cool is that?

Now Diedrich comes back to reprise his role as Abner on the DreamWorks Emmy Award-winning series, All Hail King Julien on Netflix. The series features sixteen new episodes that audiences will enjoy even more misadventures with Julien, Maurice and Mort, along with fan-favorite Henry Winkler as Uncle King Julien.

Diedrich Bader talks with Art Eddy about All Hail King Julien, fatherhood and more. In regards to the show, Bader loves that fact that All Hail King Julien is a prequel to the Madagascar films. They can explore new characters and have Julien do things that we might not have seen in the films. He also loves the notion that this is a show that he can watch with his kids. His past films and shows might be a bit too edgy for them. Here Diedrich is able to share with his children what he does for a living and see the results of his hard work in this series on Netflix.

Diedrich lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids, Sebastian and Ondine.

Check out the all-new Season 2 of Emmy Award winning DreamWorks series All Hail King Julien and follow Diedrich Bader on Twitter at @bader_diedrich.

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