#173 – Isaac Bruce – Old Spice

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 173 - Isaac Bruce - Old Spice

Art Eddy got the opportunity to chat with Super Bowl Champ and St. Louis Rams great, Isaac Bruce, about fatherhood, his playing days in the NFL and about a very extraordinary opportunity that Old Spice presented to Isaac Bruce.

Isaac Bruce at Dillard High School

Isaac Bruce teamed up with Old Spice for a special assembly this past Friday when he went back to his alma mater at Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was there to present the school with a commemorative Golden Football from the NFL. While more than 2,000 high schools across the U.S. will receive a Golden Football, Friday’s event is just one of four special assemblies in which the Golden Football will be hand-delivered by an NFL Legend. This is just one way that Isaac Bruce is giving back to his high school. He also volunteers his time as a coach for the football team, which as their final game of the season on Saturday night.

Dillard High School was very excited to be selected for this opportunity, and kicked off this special assembly with a marching band grand entrance. The Golden Football presentation at the school assembly is part of the Honor Roll program celebrating the 50 years of the Super Bowl in 2016.

Isaac Bruce at Dillard High School

Bruce spoke to the students about his experiences at Dillard and how they shaped him to become the success that he is today. Bruce‘s appearance at Dillard recognizes the school and community’s contribution to Super Bowl history and positive impact on the game of football. During the fun and interactive assembly, he’ll also “coach” the kids that self-confidence starts with looking and smelling their best.

Follow Isaac Bruce on Facebook, Twitter at @IsaacBruce80 and IsaacBruce.org to learn about his foundation.

Life of Dad wants to thank Old Spice for setting up time with Isaac today. Go to OldSpice.com for more info on this program.

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