#146 – Rutledge Wood

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 146 - Rutledge Wood

This week, Tommy Riles and Art Eddy are talking cars.Yes that is right, cars. They talk about their favorite childhood memories in cars, what car they learned to drive in and how one key can start two cars. They also bring on Rutledge Wood.

Car addict, automotive expert and “Top Gear” co-host, Rutledge Wood is hitting the road to rescue and restore America’s underappreciated classic cars in the new History Channel series, “Lost in Transmission”. The series began earlier this month. His passion for the eccentric comes alive in the series as he searches the barns and backyards of America to find the most incredible rides from the past and does anything and everything to get them back on the road to live another day.

From resurrecting everything from a 1981 DeLorean to a 1964 Ford F100, Rutledge captives car enthusiasts and non-car enthusiasts alike through his infectious personality and hysterical happenings and banter with fellow car enthusiast George Flanigen. Rutledge can also be seen as an NBC correspondent at NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar, Global Rallycross and Mecum Auctions.

We had the pleasure to chat with Rutledge about his new show, fatherhood, and what got him into NASCAR.

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