#145 – Ted Lange

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 145 - Ted Lange

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy bring on two guests for this week’s Life of Dad Show. The first guest is Dr. Amy Kim and the second guest is actor and director Ted Lange.

Baby Pibu was founded by Dr. Amy Kim, a board certified dermatologist and mother of two young children. Dr. Amy has numerous years of dermatology experience in her Atlanta-based practice. Her two children each experienced different skin issues as infants, and although she is a knowledgeable and experienced dermatologist, she found herself overwhelmed by the skin product choices on the market. She was also frustrated by the lack of information readily available to parents, a sentiment that many new parents experience. Through trial, error and her expert know-how, Dr. Amy identified the best ingredients to suit the individual needs of her children…and now she’s passing them on to yours! Baby Pibu was born, and is now happily soothing the skin of babies everywhere.

Next, the guys talk to actor Ted Lange, who is perhaps best-known for starring as Isaac, the lovable bartender on the hit series “The Love Boat” for ten seasons. What people may not realize is that he is also a TV and theatre director and an award-winning playwright. He is a historian and that really comes through in his books and plays. Ted is directing a play he wrote “The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson” which opens May 15th at Theatre, Theater in Los Angeles. This is the 3rd play in Ted’s historical trilogy, which includes “George Washington’s Boy” and “Lady Patriot”. The plays educate audiences with vivid characters and historical facts from the rarely told black perspective. He has been writing and directing plays for over 30 years.

“The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson” tells the story of John Brown and nineteen men who stormed Harper’s Ferry in 1859 in an attempt to free the slaves of Virginia. The only survivor of the raid, Osborne P. Anderson, in his journals, chronicled the black men who fought with Brown — Dangerfield Newby, John A. Copeland, Shields Green, and Lewis Leary. The raid on Harper’s Ferry is considered by many to be the catalyst for Southern secession which ultimately led to the Civil War. The play combines Lange‘s signature drama and comedy as it peels away traditional stereotypes prevalent in the South before the Civil War.

Also, his book, “Lady Patriot”, is now available on Amazon.com. Based on a true story, Lady Patriot reveals an intimate look into the prejudices and patriotism of three ladies who lived during the Civil War. The book combines Lange‘s signature comedy and drama as it peels away traditional stereotypes prevalent in the South during the Confederacy.

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