#137 – Dave Barry

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 137 - Dave Barry

Tom Riles and Art Eddy let the listeners in on some little known sports secrets. From the New England Patriots to water polo to LeBron James the guys shed some light how teams won their respective championships. They break down the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament with possible Cinderella teams.

Speaking of Cinderella, the guys also talk about taking their respective families to see the latest Disney movie, “Cinderella.”

Tom and Art bring on Pulitzer Prize-winning American author and columnist, Dave Barry. For years humor columnist Dave Barry has been entertaining us with his take on life. Recently Dave added to his fantastic collection of work with his new book, “Live Right and Find Happiness (Although Beer is Much Faster)”.

In this book, Dave passes on home truths to his new grandson and to his daughter Sophie, who will be getting her learner’s permit this year. He also explores the hometown of his youth, where the grown-ups were supposed to be uptight fifties conformists, but seemed to have a lot of un-Mad Men.

Barry also talks about the silliness of cable news and the benefits of Google to the loneliness of high school nerds, from the perils of home repair to firsthand accounts of the soccer craziness of Brazil and the just plain crazy craziness of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Sounds interesting right?

Make sure you check out Dave Barry’s book on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

We talk with Dave about his new book, writing, the internet, beer and fatherhood.

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