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#139 – Ernie Hudson

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 139 - Ernie Hudson

It is Spring Break! Yet Tommy Riles and Art Eddy share a different take on how they are looking to spend their vacation time. The guys also bring on actor and father, Ernie Hudson.

Ernie Hudson is one of the most sought-after actors with an impressive list of credits and awards whose body of work has diverse range. He is a beloved star in film, television and stage, long considered one of Hollywood’s iconic working actors.

In his early years, Hudson served in the Marine Corps and then moved to Detroit, Michigan. He became the resident playwright at Concept East, the oldest black theatre company in the U.S. He established the Actors’ Ensemble Theatre where he and other talented young black writers directed and appeared in their own works. Later, he enrolled and subsequently graduated from the Yale School of Drama.

Hudson first met Ivan Reitman on “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone”. It wasn’t long before he was asked to join Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis in the 1984 feature film “Ghostbusters” gained fame playing ‘Winston Zeddemore,’ the fourth ‘Ghostbuster.’ The 1989 sequel, “Ghostbusters 2”, cemented his stardom as both films ultimately became two absolute fan favorite blockbuster films.

After “Ghostbusters”, Ernie went on to critically lauded roles in diverse films soon followed from his standout role as the mentally challenged ‘Solomon’ in “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle” to ‘Munro’ in “Congo” and ‘Police Sgt. Albrecht’ in the award-winning film, “The Crow”. Hudson continued to expand industry attention by changing gears again showing amazing range in his role as ‘Harry McDonald,’ the FBI superior of Sandra Bullock’s character in the feature film, “Miss Congeniality” and its hit sequel, “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous” in 2005.

In recognition of Easter, TV One will premiere a program reflecting the faith, family and music of the season. On Saturday, April 4, 8PM/ET, Ernie Hudson and Vanessa Bell Calloway headline “To Hell and Back”, a TV One original movie.

Based on the Book of Job, “To Hell and Back” tells the story of Joe Patterson (Hudson), a successful businessman, loving father and humanitarian who has been blessed with every good fortune. Despite living a life of great faith, he is tormented by Satan and made to suffer terribly. In rapid succession, catastrophic events devastate the lives of Joe, wife Janine (Bell Calloway) and children as the family encounters deaths, deterioration of physical wellbeing and a downward spiral of the prosperity they have worked tirelessly to attain. But even in his darkest hour, Joe refuses to curse God and remains steadfast in his faith.

We got to talk with Ernie about “To Hell and Back”, “Ghostbusters”, Comic-Cons, and fatherhood.

#138 – Kadeem Hardison

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 138 - Kadeem Hardison

This week, Tommy Riles and Art Eddy are thinking Spring and fashion. The guys talk about the latest Spring fashion. They also have the great pleasure of bringing on actor and father, Kadeem Hardison.

Kadeem stars in a new sitcom with a fantastic cast on the Disney hit show called “K.C. Undercover”.

The series follows K.C. Cooper (Zendaya), a high school math genius who gets recruited by her parents (Kadeem Hardison and Tammy Townsend) after she discovers that they are actually undercover spies. Each episode centers on the family as they contend with everyday familial issues – while also performing missions to save the country. If you haven’t checked out the show make sure you check it out on Sunday nights at 8:30 PM.

Next week’s episode, called “Daddy’s Little Princess”, premieres Sunday, March 29 (8:30 PM, ET/PT) on Disney Channel. The Coopers are assigned to protect Prince Promomomo and must hide the teenage leader in their home for a few days. But when K.C. and the Prince become smitten with each other, Craig quickly puts his spy duties aside to remind the Prince that as K.C.’s father, he is the king.

This episode will air as part of the special “Tune In 4 What?!” programming event, which includes 4 days and eight new episodes of hit comedy series. “Tune In 4 What?!” programming event kicks off Thursday, March 26 through Sunday, March 29 on Disney Channel.

We had the great pleasure of talking with Kadeem about “K.C. Undercover”, acting, comic books, and fatherhood.

#137 – Dave Barry

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 137 - Dave Barry

Tom Riles and Art Eddy let the listeners in on some little known sports secrets. From the New England Patriots to water polo to LeBron James the guys shed some light how teams won their respective championships. They break down the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament with possible Cinderella teams.

Speaking of Cinderella, the guys also talk about taking their respective families to see the latest Disney movie, “Cinderella.”

Tom and Art bring on Pulitzer Prize-winning American author and columnist, Dave Barry. For years humor columnist Dave Barry has been entertaining us with his take on life. Recently Dave added to his fantastic collection of work with his new book, “Live Right and Find Happiness (Although Beer is Much Faster)”.

In this book, Dave passes on home truths to his new grandson and to his daughter Sophie, who will be getting her learner’s permit this year. He also explores the hometown of his youth, where the grown-ups were supposed to be uptight fifties conformists, but seemed to have a lot of un-Mad Men.

Barry also talks about the silliness of cable news and the benefits of Google to the loneliness of high school nerds, from the perils of home repair to firsthand accounts of the soccer craziness of Brazil and the just plain crazy craziness of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Sounds interesting right?

Make sure you check out Dave Barry’s book on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

We talk with Dave about his new book, writing, the internet, beer and fatherhood.

#136 – Johny Hendricks

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 136 - Johny Hendricks

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk everything sports in this week’s show. From football to baseball to UFC, the guys discuss offseason trades, how good the New York Mets look in Spring Training, and about UFC fighter Johny Hendricks‘ fight with Matt Brown at the UFC 185 on March 14th, 2015. The guys then talk with Johny about training, fatherhood, and which are his favorite Reebok kicks.

Johny Hendricks has definitely made a name for himself in the octagon fighting in the UFC. He is a mixed martial artist and an accomplished former collegiate wrestler. Thanks to Reebok, we were able to chat with Johny about training for the fight in March, what he is doing differently for this match, fatherhood, and how the Reebok “Be More Human” campaign has helped him train for UFC 185.

Reebok “Be More Human” campaign — To all the athletes out there who spend their days bloody, muddy, and sore, not for bright lights or money, but to simply be the best version of themselves: This is for you.

The guys also bring on Tommy’s nephew Kevin to talk about movies and hopefully will convince Tommy to finally watch Star Wars.

#135 – Terry Crews

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 135 - Terry Crews

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy and the entire Life of Dad crew dedicate this show to Oren Miller, the man behind A Blogger and a Father who has made a major and everlasting impact on the dad blogging community. Oren was a great friend who passed on February 28, 2015.

If you haven’t read Oren’s work, you should. Read this one he titled “Cancer” first.

Tommy and Art also welcome actor Terry Crews onto the show. From the gridiron to Hollywood, Terry Crews always seems to be fully committed to the task at hand when he looks to accomplish a goal. The always energetic Crews looks to share his positive outlook on life with anyone who will listen.

He even wrote a book called “Manhood: How to Be a Better Man-or Just Live with One” where he shares his insight on what he has learned so far in his life.

Currently, Terry stars in the FOX hit show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. We had the great fortune to chat with Terry about fatherhood, acting, who he would love to work with on his next project, and how he seems to always be able to put a positive spin on things no matter the situation.