#129 – Steve Grogan

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 129 - Steve Grogan

Tommy Riles is SUPER excited that his New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. Tom and Art Eddy talk about the Championship games and welcome former Patriots QB, Steve Grogan on the show.

When you talk to former New England Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan you realize how much you miss the way football was played from back in the day. Steve played for New England from 1975 to 1990. He has thrown for over 26,000 yards. He threw for 182 touchdowns and had 36 rushing touchdowns.

Steve is still busy after his playing days. He runs Grogan-Marciano, which is a sporting goods store in Massachusetts. Grogan and his wife raised three boys, who are now out of the house and perusing their own careers.

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy got to chat with the former Patriots quarterback on his playing days, social media, and fatherhood.

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