#127 – Brian Dickinson

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 127 - Brian Dickinson

This week on the first Life of Dad Show for 2015 Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk NFL playoffs, New Year’s parties, and what is the most extreme thing they did so far in their lives. They also bring on former US Navy Air Rescue Swimmer, Brian Dickinson, on the show.

Author, Motivational Speaker, Adventurer, former US Navy Air Rescue Swimmer, Brian Dickinson, has experienced a lot of adventure in his life. One memory that will always stay with him was when he was alone and snow blind while on the summit of Mount Everest. Brian was alone because his Sherpa became ill and had to turn back. Brian made the choice to keep climbing to the summit on his own.

Dickinson, who is a skilled climber, knew all the risks going in. After a few hours Brian made it to the top of the highest peak in the world. But one of his greatest achievements was short-lived. Right after he took a few pictures to document his climb his vision became blurry, his eyes started to burn, and within seconds, he was rendered almost completely blind.

Brian started to make his way back down the mountain using the survival training he learned while in the Navy. Plus he relied on his intuition as well as his faith. Brian recalls his story in the book, “Blind Descent”.

We got to talk with Brian about his near death experience, how his faith in God helped him survive, and a bit on fatherhood.

Follow Brian Dickinson on Twitter, visit him on BrianDickinson.net, and definitely purchase his book, “Blind Descent”.

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