#124 – Victor Cruz

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 124 - Victor Cruz

Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk about Christmas traditions, football, and bring on New York Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl Champion, Victor Cruz.

A few seasons ago I remember watching some of the New York Giants preseason football games. One guy caught my attention. That guy was Victor Cruz. He was a fast wide receiver with great hands. I drafted him in the late rounds of my fantasy football draft. I remember one of my friends joking with me about selecting a guy no one has ever heard of and why waste a draft pick.

Well people soon started to know who Victor Cruz was. Fans of the New York Giants were happy to have a player of his ability and skill on the team they cheer for on Sundays. Not only did the fans take notice, but the team did too. Cruz started climbing the depth chart and became a key player in their offense. Needless to say Giants QB Eli Manning is happy to have a reliable target on his team. Cruz helped the Giants win Super Bowl XLVI and aided many fantasy football owners to win their championships as well.

Victor Cruz does a lot off the field too. He has dedicated his time to several causes and is always giving back to the community. He created the Victor Cruz Foundation in 2012 to help aid kids achieve success in the workforce and in life. He and the foundations looks to focus on the “STEAM” education method. That is where science, technology, engineering, art and math all come together to help these kids get ready for college, have financial literacy and live a healthy lifestyle.

We had the great honor to chat with Victor about his foundation, playing in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl, sneakers, music, and fatherhood.

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