#105 – Tray Chaney

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 105 - Tray Chaney

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about the NFL preseason, spelling bees, favorite school subjects, speaking different languages, and more.

They also bring on actor, musician, and author Tray Chaney. Many know Tray from the hit HBO series “The Wire”. Tray played the role of Poot in that series. Talking with Tray I could tell he felt very fortunate to be on that show and create long lasting friendships with the cast and crew. Not only is Tray a great actor, but you can also add the titles of author and rapper as well.

Tray wrote a book called “The Truth You Can’t Betray” where he shares his personal stories. He was also featured in the book called “Dads Behaving Dadly”. He recently released the song “Dedicated Father” which was a follow up to his first hit called “Fatherhood”.

When you listen to those two records you will understand what is really important in Tray’s life. It is his kids. The title “Dedicated Father” is fitting since he looks to not only guide and support his children, but help other dads take the role of fatherhood seriously. I highly encourage you to support Tray by purchasing his song “Dedicated Father” on iTunes.

We had the pleasure of talking with Tray about fatherhood, his books, his music, and about his time on “The Wire”.

The guys also talk about former Life of Dad Show guest Jim Kelly. Last year in March of 2013 we had the great pleasure of talking with Jim Kelly about fatherhood, his foundation, and football. We now see Jim’s bout with cancer and we here at Life of Dad are sending our prayers to him and his family. Read the interview here. #KellyStrong

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