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#109 – Cecil Fielder

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 109 - Cecil Fielder

Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk about the Life of Dad Fantasy Football League, which famous New York Mets pitcher will be playing in our league, what Tom did for his birthday, kids going back to school, and much more. The guys also bring on Major League Baseball great Cecil Fielder.

Cecil Fielder was a slugger to be reckoned during his time in Major League Baseball. Fielder played for a few teams, most notably for the Detroit Tigers. In 1990, he became the first player to reach the 50-home run mark since George Foster hit 52 for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977. He helped the New York Yankees with the World Series in 1996. He is a two time Silver Slugger Award winner as well as being the American League RBI Champion for three years straight.

He is the father of Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder, who is considered one of the best current power hitters in Major League Baseball. When Prince hit his 50th home run in the 2007 season, it made Cecil and Prince the only father/son duo in Major League history to each reach the milestone. Like father, like son in that department. Fielder also has three more children, another son and two daughters.

We were able to chat with Cecil about winning the World Series, his career, what he taught Prince about baseball, and fatherhood.

A big shout out to Steiner Sports for setting up the interview with Cecil Fielder. For some fantastic autographed memorabilia from Cecil Fielder check out the Steiner Sports website.

#108 – John G. Avildsen

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 108 - John G. Avildsen

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy bring on Life of Dad co-founder David Guest to introduce the interview he and Art had with Academy Award winning director, John G. Avildsen. This interview ties in with David’s Film School for Dads column at Life of Dad.

John Avildsen won the Academy Award for Best Director in 1977 for Rocky. Other films he directed include Joe, Save the Tiger, Fore Play, The Formula, Neighbors, For Keeps, Lean on Me, The Power of One, 8 Seconds, Inferno, Rocky V and the first three Karate Kid movies.

John tells the guys how to get your kids involved in making movies, creating storyboards, and sharing some of his memories with his own kids.

#107 – Isaac Bruce

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 107 - Isaac Bruce

Art Eddy brings on David Guest to chat about his new column at Life of Dad called “Film School for Dads”. Art asks David how he came up with the idea for this column, what inspired him to teach film school, and what teams he cheers for in the big leagues and the NFL.

They also bring on former St. Louis Rams great Isaac Bruce.

Isaac played 14 seasons with the St. Louis Rams and two years with the San Francisco 49ers. During his 16 NFL seasons, Isaac was considered one of the best receivers in the NFL. He was a world-class route-runner, very elusive and highly intelligent with great hands and a tremendous overall threat. He was the first of three second-round draft selections (33rd overall) by Rams in 1994 NFL Draft.

When he retired, he was No. 2 on the NFL’s all-time receiving yards list behind Jerry Rice and No. 5 on the NFL’s all-time receptions list. He had more than 1,000 career receptions and more than 15,000 career receiving yards. His #80 jersey was retired by the Rams in 2010 and he will be eligible for the NFL Hall of Fame in 2015. Bruce scored a 73-yard touchdown with pass from QB Kurt Warner with under two minutes to play in the game to give Rams’ 23-16 victory in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Now after his time in the NFL, Isaac spends time with his family as well as with his foundation. Isaac established the Isaac Bruce Foundation which reaches out to youth and teaches them at early age the importance of a healthy lifestyle by focusing on programs in the areas of health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and education.

We spoke with Issac about his time in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl, fatherhood, and the work he does with his foundation.

#106 – Steve Costello

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 106 - Steve Costello

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy invite Vice President of Steiner Sports and author Steve Costello.

Sometimes sports can go beyond the game. People can find comfort while playing or watching a game they love. It is an outlet that lets us forget about the harsh realities of our world. Steve Costello is one of those people who understands this notion. In his book, “My Father Never Took Me to a Baseball Game”.

We get an inside look to the hard times Steve faced growing up, but how sports created an escape for him.

Later, Costello set his sights on Indiana State University, where he became the Managing Editor of “The Shield”. Costello then headed into the world of business, spending his twenties and thirties at the appliance giant, PC Richard and Son. There he had spawned many of the company’s initiatives, in the branding and marketing arenas. Costello, now the Executive Vice President of Steiner Sports, works with the likes of New York Yankees Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter, New York Giants Eli Manning and New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist.

We here at Life of Dad had the great pleasure of talking with Steve about his childhood, his book, and the many fascinating stories from his time with icons in the world of sports.

#105 – Tray Chaney

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 105 - Tray Chaney

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about the NFL preseason, spelling bees, favorite school subjects, speaking different languages, and more.

They also bring on actor, musician, and author Tray Chaney. Many know Tray from the hit HBO series “The Wire”. Tray played the role of Poot in that series. Talking with Tray I could tell he felt very fortunate to be on that show and create long lasting friendships with the cast and crew. Not only is Tray a great actor, but you can also add the titles of author and rapper as well.

Tray wrote a book called “The Truth You Can’t Betray” where he shares his personal stories. He was also featured in the book called “Dads Behaving Dadly”. He recently released the song “Dedicated Father” which was a follow up to his first hit called “Fatherhood”.

When you listen to those two records you will understand what is really important in Tray’s life. It is his kids. The title “Dedicated Father” is fitting since he looks to not only guide and support his children, but help other dads take the role of fatherhood seriously. I highly encourage you to support Tray by purchasing his song “Dedicated Father” on iTunes.

We had the pleasure of talking with Tray about fatherhood, his books, his music, and about his time on “The Wire”.

The guys also talk about former Life of Dad Show guest Jim Kelly. Last year in March of 2013 we had the great pleasure of talking with Jim Kelly about fatherhood, his foundation, and football. We now see Jim’s bout with cancer and we here at Life of Dad are sending our prayers to him and his family. Read the interview here. #KellyStrong