#91 – Rick Reilly

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 91 - Rick Reilly

Art Eddy interviews Tom Riles on a wide range of topics. Art asks Tom about his childhood, high school, moving from New Jersey to California, and more. The guys also welcome sports writer Rick Reilly to the show.

Rick Reilly‘s columns in “Sports Illustrated” and ESPN.com have become a staple in sports journalism. Rick has a way of telling a story that perfectly intertwines sports and life. Rick has been voted NSSA National Sportswriter of the Year eleven times. He currently writes for ESPN, but will be stepping down from that role on July 1st.

On May 13 you can get his new book, “Tiger Meet My Sister: And Other Things I Probably Shouldn’t Have Said”. This book is a collection of his work that even has a postscript section after each story to let the reader know if anything has changed since he posted each story.

We had the pleasure to chat with Rick about his new book, fatherhood, how Muhammad Ali played many pranks on him, best and worst interviews, sports, and more.

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