#90 – Jeff Gordon

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 90 - Jeff Gordon

Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk about their Easter, how Tom’s son can’t get enough chocolate, and they try to come up with a slogan for the show. Plus the guys bring on NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon.

We talk with the four-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion about the new Pepsi Max ad, racing, fatherhood, and which ride in his garage is his favorite. For those who don’t know last year when Pepsi Max released a commercial that featured Jeff Gordon wearing a disguise to pull a fast one (literally) on an unsuspecting car salesman, many thought that ad was staged.

Jalopnik writer Travis Okulski was making his voice heard saying that the commercial was fake.

Well Jeff and Pepsi Max were listening. They teamed up with Okulski’s friend to show the writer that these commercials are real. The new Pepsi Max ad has Gordon in the role of an ex-con, now taxi driver. When Gordon gets pulled over by the cops he gets nervous and tries to out run the police officer. Next a high speed chase ensues. The ad is priceless and it is a moment that Okulski will never forget.

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