#70 – Chris Cole

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 70 - Chris Cole

Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk about how we view snow days as a kid and now as a parent. Art even sings the snow alert tone from his kid’s school to Tom and Tom sings it right back to him. They also chat about sneakers, biking, drinking, and skateboarding.

They talk about skateboarding because it fits right in with this week’s guest. “Live rad and die proud” is a saying that street skater Chris Cole lives by. At the age of 14, Chris found his passion. That passion was and still is skateboarding. As a kid living just outside of Philadelphia, Cole started to participate in local and regional skateboarding contests.

As he won more and more contests, Chris started to make a name for himself in the skateboarding industry. Not only did fans pay attention, but so did corporations. At age 16, Chris got his first corporate sponsorship, which helped to launch his career. Chris was named Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” twice and won back-to-back street skate gold medals at the X Games. Check out all his accomplishments at his website – ChrisCobraCole.com!

Even with all the fame, we found through talking with Chris that he is still a down-to-Earth type of guy. Chris loves to give back to the community with his skate camp called “Chris Cole’s Excellent Adventure” at Camp Woodland. Chris gets it and knows what truly is important in life.

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