#69 – Brian Deegan

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 69 - Brian Deegan

This week on the Life of Dad Show hosts Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk about birthday parties, Christmas, and why the Riles traditional Waldorf salad was missing from the Thanksgiving table. The guys also have Motocross star Brian Deegan on the show.

Brian Deegan is an innovator in action sports. He is considered to be motocross legend and as a businessman has been nicknamed “The General”. At the young age of 17 Deegan moved from his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska and traveled to Southern California with hopes of making a name for himself in the world of motocross.

In 1997 at the Coliseum in LA, Brian made history with the Freestyle Motocross move called “ghost riding” as he crossed the finish line. Brian has won many awards in actions sports. Brian currently competes in Motocross, Freestyle Motocross, Rally Car, and Short Course Trucks as founder and co-owner of the Metal Mulisha. Brian talks about how he entered the world of motocross, fatherhood, injuries, and his clothing line.

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