Monthly Archives: October 2013

#64 – Archie Manning

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 64 - Archie Manning

Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk Halloween, sports, and the Life of Dad crew’s involvement with Movember. If you want to help out this great cause, click here to donate!

Plus the guys have the extreme pleasure of bringing on former NFL quarterback Archie Manning. Archie talks about being a father, football, and “The Book of Manning” documentary.

#63 – Michael Jai White

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 63 - Michael Jai White

Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk about Art’s Disney trip and Tom’s touching moment with his daughter. We also learn why Tom is not a fan of roller coasters.

The guys bring on actor Michael Jai White, on the show, who stars on the CW hit show “Arrow” as Bronze Tiger. White is not a stranger to roles in the comic book world. He played main character in the film “Spawn” and was cast as Jax in the “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” series. He also was in “The Dark Knight”. You can also see Michael in the Tyler Perry sitcom “For Better or Worse”.

White has strong passion for martial arts, which he takes very seriously in his life. Besides chatting about acting and martial arts, we also talked about fatherhood.

#62 – Chad Coleman

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 62 - Chad Coleman

Halloween is fast approaching. So with that in mind, The Life of Dad Show hosts, Tom Riles and Art Eddy, share stories about past Halloween costumes, things that scare are kids, and why diaper companies need to stop putting monsters on diapers.

To go along with that Halloween theme, the guys welcome one of the cast members from the AMC hit show “The Walking Dead”. This week we were lucky enough to have Chad Coleman on the show.

Chad plays Tyreese on “The Walking Dead”. He opens up about joining the cast in Season 3, what we can expect from Season 4, Comic Con, and fatherhood. “The Walking Dead” airs Sunday nights on AMC.

#61 – Colin Mochrie

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 61 - Colin Mochrie

Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk about how improv is a big part of parenting. Tom also gives some background on his early days of acting and improv.

To go along with that theme, the guys welcome Colin Mochrie. Colin is a fantastic actor and improvisational comedian, most famous for his work on the UK and U.S. versions of the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” This summer the CW Network brought back the improv show and Colin was part of the cast.

Colin also works with fellow actor and comedian Brad Sherwood on a two-man show called “An Evening with Colin and Brad”. They tour literally around the world and perform funny and crazy scenes to a laughing audience. If that was not enough, Colin has a book out called “Not Quite the Classics” that is already available as an eBook, but will be in hard cover in this month.