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#60 – Herm Edwards

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 60 - Herm Edwards

This week on the Life of Dad Show hosts Tom Riles and Art Eddy talk sports. There is a lot going on in the world of sports. From the NFL to the MLB postseason, the guys talk about this week’s important games. They also talk about the final installment of the #DadsDoingGood video campaign with Honda and National Fatherhood Initiative.

To keep with the sports themes the guys welcome ESPN football analyst Herm Edwards to the show. Edwards, who used to be a former player and head coach in the NFL, breaks down the league, talks about his playing and coach days and, of course, fatherhood.

You will see that Herm has a great perspective on life and fatherhood.

#59 – Kevin Millar

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 59 - Kevin Millar

This week on the Life of Dad Show hosts Tom Riles and Art Eddy dub this show the FUN EPISODE. Why is it the fun episode? Well, we talk about our time in Vegas with the rest of the Life of Dad crew and about baseball. We chat about baseball since we have former World Series Champion with the Boston Red Sox, Kevin Millar on the show.

You can now see Kevin with Chris Rose on the MLB Network show “Intentional Talk” that airs weekdays at 5 PM EST.

Kevin talks about his show, fatherhood, and what it was like to be a “bunch of idiots” that made MLB history in 2004. Millar and the Red Sox were down 0-3 in the ALCS series against their rivals the New York Yankees, but won the next four games to move on to the World Series.

#58 – Sean Kent – Modern Dads on A&E

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 58 - Sean Kent - Modern Dads on A&E

Tommy Riles tells co-host Art Eddy about the most recent #DadsDoingGood video, sponsored by Honda. In the video, the dads assisted the Mauli Ola Foundation and helped teach kids with cystic fibrosis how to surf. A big shout goes to Life of Dad veteran blogger Patrick Quinn, who came up with the idea.

Tom and Art also talk about how your circle of friends could depend on whether or not your friends have kids. That discussion goes right into this week’s guest on the show. The guys welcome Sean Kent from the A&E show “Modern Dads”. Sean talks about the show, his stand-up career, and how he balances family and work.

#57 – Joe Horn

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 57 - Joe Horn

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about their memories from 9/11. The guys discuss where they were during the tragic events that unfolded that day in 2001.

They then move on to some lighter talk as they chat about Week 1 in the NFL and who won the Junk Food Clothing T-shirt this week for the Life of Dad Fantasy Football League. Speaking of football this week guest is former NFL wide receiver Joe Horn.

Joe Horn played in the NFL for 11 years, most notably for the New Orleans Saints. The four time Pro Bowler was elected to the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame and finished his career with 58 receiving touchdowns.

Horn went from having a great career in the NFL to starting his own business. For a few years now Joe is running a successful company called Bayou 87. Joe sells barbeque sauce and smoked sausage. Part of the proceeds from his company goes to various charity organizations. He played a role to help rebuild New Orleans especially after Hurricane Katrina.

Joe also has a busy home life with raising his kids and makes sure he spends quality time with his children.