#47 – Drew Bledsoe

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 47 - Drew Bledsoe

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about wine, sports, and parenting, which is a great fit for this week’s guest. The Life of Dad Show is proud to welcome Drew Bledsoe to this week’s show. Drew is a former NFL quarterback and now he founded a vineyard and has four children.

Drew Bledsoe is known for his great career as a quarterback in the NFL most notably for the New England Patriots. Bledsoe was the focal point of the Patriots offense which was the reason why he drafted number one overall in 1993 from Washington State University.

Now retired from football, Drew has pursued another career. He founded the Doubleback Winery located near Walla Walla, Washington. Along with his friend and co-founder, Chris Figgins they strive to make an outstanding cabernet sauvignon. Drew takes his new career very seriously. He looks to educate people on the fact that great wine can come from other states than just California.

Drew is also a proud father of four children. Bledsoe and his wife take a hands-on approach to parenting. He and his parents created foundation called Parenting with Dignity.

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