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#47 – Drew Bledsoe

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 47 - Drew Bledsoe

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about wine, sports, and parenting, which is a great fit for this week’s guest. The Life of Dad Show is proud to welcome Drew Bledsoe to this week’s show. Drew is a former NFL quarterback and now he founded a vineyard and has four children.

Drew Bledsoe is known for his great career as a quarterback in the NFL most notably for the New England Patriots. Bledsoe was the focal point of the Patriots offense which was the reason why he drafted number one overall in 1993 from Washington State University.

Now retired from football, Drew has pursued another career. He founded the Doubleback Winery located near Walla Walla, Washington. Along with his friend and co-founder, Chris Figgins they strive to make an outstanding cabernet sauvignon. Drew takes his new career very seriously. He looks to educate people on the fact that great wine can come from other states than just California.

Drew is also a proud father of four children. Bledsoe and his wife take a hands-on approach to parenting. He and his parents created foundation called Parenting with Dignity.

#46 – Neal Baer

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 46 - Neal Baer

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about potty training and the process of moving their kids to a “big girl bed.” They describe a few of the issues they have about their kids being able to get in and out of bed by themselves during the night.

The guys also have the pleasure to have Neal Baer, producer and showrunner of the new CBS show “Under the Dome”.

Neal talks about the new series, his time working on great shows like “ER” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” Baer opens up on fatherhood and how he balances his time between work and home.

“Under The Dome” premieres Monday, June 24, 10/9c on CBS.

#45 – Robert Venditti

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 45 - Robert Venditti

Tom Riles is back! He talks with co-host Art Eddy on where he was for the last two weeks. Plus the guys talk sports, summer movies and comic books. They welcome DC Comics writer Robert Venditti.

Robert is best known for his work on the Top Shelf Productions title “The Surrogates.” He now is working for DC Comics and is taking over the Green Lantern series. He is looking to take the main character, Hal Jordan on adventures that fans of the series has never seen before.

Robert took time out of his busy schedule to chat about taking over the Green Lantern series from legendary writer Geoff Johns. He also touched upon how he got into writing and what his children think of his job.


The Life of Dad Show - Episode 44 - FATHER'S DAY SPECTACULAR - Kenny Smith

Tommy Riles and Art Eddy have a Father’s Day Spectacular show. The guys talk about sports and Father’s Day. They are also honored to have Kenny “The Jet” Smith on the show.

Kenny Smith played in the NBA most notably for the Houston Rockets. While on the Rockets, Smith helped the team to win back to back NBA Finals Championships. He was named a member of the NBA All-Rookie Team in 1988.

After his great career in the NBA, Smith became an analyst for TNT. Along with Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and Ernie Johnson Smith is part of great team that breaks down games each season in the NBA.

Kenny is also a proud father. His daughter Kayla a singer with hit songs like “I Got That.” I was able to sit down and chat with Kenny about this year’s NBA Finals, fatherhood, and his basketball camps. For more info on his camps click here for his website.

#43 – Nick Swisher

The Life of Dad Show - Episode 43 - Nick Swisher

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton talk about Ryan’s speaking at his son class for career day and some of the new features on the Life of Dad website. We are also honored to have Cleveland Indians player Nick Swisher on the show.

This Father’s Day will be a very special one for Nick Swisher. He and his wife were blessed with their first child, a daughter they named Emerson this past month in May. In talking with Nick you can tell he is proud to be a dad. He spoke with Art about his Father’s Day memories he has with his father.

To put an exclamation point for Nick he has teamed up with Dick’s Sporting Goods to celebrate Father’s Day with a great campaign. Nick and a few other athletes will show how they celebrate Father’s Day. Click here to see the video!

We at Life of Dad loved to hear Swisher’s happiness about being a dad. He is a very passionate person and you can see that in our interview with Nick.