Kel Mitchell

This special episode of show is sponsored by our partner Movember.  

Movember’s newest offering, is a FREE parenting program designed to equip parents with the skills and tools they need to deal with difficult behaviours in kids ages 2-8. Family Man’s goal is to offer parenting solutions in ways that strengthen and unite the family.

It’s about time a product like this is created FOR DADS!

We’re excited to have actor and comedian (and Movember Ambassador) Kel Mitchell as our lead guest today, talking about Family Man, and the reboot of Nickeolodeon’s hit show, All That.

Also joining us is the executive director of Movember, Mark Hedstrom, as well as parenting influencer and one of the first users of Family Man, Brock Lusch.

Se Ep 3 Looking For Work During COVID and Cars


The dads discuss the challenges and opportunities while looking for a job during COVID, as well as their first and favorite cars.

Tom Riles and David Guest are joined by fellow dad Michael Ardelean, founder of Intro Limited, a boutique recruiting firm which takes a relationship based approach to recruiting tomorrow’s leaders.

S2 Ep 21 Ghosts And Making Movies With Your Kids

Tom Riles, David Guest and Inigo Laugermann discuss topics of ghosts and the making movies with their kids. This month, Inigo’s documentary about fatherhood, “A Father’s Day” competes in the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival in Malibu, California.

S2 Ep 20 – Jury Duty And The State Of Fatherhood

Filmmaker Inigo Laugermann joins Tom Riles and David Guest to discuss his new feature length documentary, “A Father’s Day” and what he sees with the current state of fatherhood…as they also discuss their experience with jury duty.

S2 Ep 17 – Tacos & Back to School


Tom Riles and Josh Huber bring on an expert to talk about back-to-school (or back-to-homeschool) in 2020, as they chat with Dr. Michael Rich from Boston Children’s Hospital, and founder of The Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH).
The dads discuss the struggles parents, students, and teachers are facing as we head back to school, and then they lighten it up while giving their opinions on tacos.
We’re gracious to Dr. Michael Rich for joining, and appreciate CMCH’s mission which is to guide consumers, especially parents, through the adversarial digital world leveraging their unbiased science-based, public health approach.